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Dinosaurier-Park International,
Bernd Wolter Design, Dinosaurier-Park Muenchehagen Germany
and Partners

·     The Dinosaurier-Park Muenchehagen cooperates since several years with universities and museums all over the world and realized a lot of successful research projects. For Example:

 - Dinosaur-excavations in China in cooperation with the University of Tuebingen, trackway excavations in cooperation with the County Museum in Hanover (Reference Contact: Mrs Dr. Richter)   

-  Research- and development projects in cooperation with the Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt (Reference: Dr. Herkner), in cooperation with the University Berlin, the University Bonn (Reference Contact: Prof. Dr. Sander), Dinosaur Museum Zigong, region Sichuan, China (Reference Contact: Prof. Dr. Yi), Migros „Park im Gruenen“ Basel (Reference Contact: Peter Kueng), Natural History Museum Basel, “Haus der Natur” (Reference Contact: Dr. Meyer)  

        - Natural Science Center Svilajnac, Serbia,
delivery of 12 live size dinosaur reconstructions, e.g. diplodocus upright and diplodocus standing position, t-rex, stegosaurus, maiasaurus, triceratops, plesiosaurus, pteranodon, … and 7 sceletons, eg. t-rex, Diplodocus upright position, chasmosaurus, olorotitan, plesiosaurus, gastonia, pteranodon
Reference Contact: Mr Vojnovic, Piu Research and Development Ltd. Belgrade

    - NCB-Naturalis (National Natural History Museum) Leiden, Netherlands, delivery of skeletons, e.g. camarasaurus original etc.
Reference Contact: Dr. John de Vos , Vertebra Paleontology    

          - Oertijd Museum and Dinosaur centre, Boxtel, Netherlands
delivery of skeletons, e.g. brachiosaurus, diplodocus, stegosaurus, deinonychus, etc.

- Natuur Museum Friesland Leeuwarden, Netherlands
2 dinosaur Exhebitions „Dino Expo“ and „Jurassic Leeuwarden“    

          - University Of Bristol, United Kingdom
delivery of skeletons, e.g. camarasaurus, mammut     

          - University of Athens, Paleontology Museum, Athens, Greece 
delivery of skeletons, e.g. dwarf hippopotamus, crete dwarf deer 
Reference Contact: Prof.  Dermazikas         

          - University of Crete, Natural History Museum of Crete, Heraklion, Greece
delivery of skeletons, e.g. deinonychus, deinotherium, etc.        
Reference Contact: Prof. Mylonas, Director

          - National Museum, Tokyo, Japan   
Gunma Prefecture Museum of Natural History, Gunma 
delivery of skeletons, e.g. brachiosaurus, dodo, giant deer, etc. 
Reference Contact: Dr. Hasegawa, Director  

          - Fukui Dinosaur Museum,Fukui, Japan      
delivery of skeletons, e.g. olorotitan, deinonychus, etc.             
Reference Contact: Dr. Azuma, Paleontology dept.

         - Museo Jurassica,Colunga ,Asturias, Spain
delivery of skeletons, e.g. deinonychus, etc.                   
Reference Contact: Director Alvares Gomez

         - Museo da Lourinha, Lourinha, Portugal   
delivery of skeletons, e.g. miragaia, deinonychus, torvosaurus skull, lourinhanosaurus etc.          
Reference Contact: Dr. Octavio Mateus, Paleontologis    


         - Natural History Museum Kopenhagen, Denmark
delivery of skeletons, e.g. T-Rex Skull, etc.  
Reference Contact: Expo Department        

        - National Natural History Museum Brussels, Belgium     
delivery of skeletons, e.g. diplodocus, olorotitan, amurosaurus, rhabdodon, etc.       
Reference Contact: Dr. Pascal Godefroud, head of paleontology dep.   

      - Realisation of the largest Dinosaur-Open-Air Museum in Europe within more than 220 live size dinosaur reconstructions from Bernd Wolter Design, successful cooperation with the city and the county of Niedersachsen. Profitable operation of this park for 20 years now.  

·             - Reconstruction of dinosaur- und plant-models within the latest scientific knowledge, for example live size model of „Giganotosaurus“, build in cooperation with the Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt in 2010, delivery of a T-Rex model for the entrance of the Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt
Reference Contact: Dr. Herkner         

·             - Consulting and realisation of a dinosaur park with appr. 50 models in the Animal Park Amersfoort, Netherlands
Reference Contact: Mario J.A. Hoedemaker, general manager and curator

·             - Aathal Museum Switzerland, Delivery of Stegosaurus, Maiasaura, etc.
Reference Contact: Dr. Hans-Jakob Siber    

·             - Museum of Natural History Basel, Switzerland, Delivery of Diplodocus models
Reference Contact: Director Christian Meyer  

·             - Prehistoric Museum in Boxtel, Netherlands, Delivery of 10 models, e.g. Diplodocus upright standing position
Reference Contact: Director Dr. R. Frayer  

·             - Consulting and integration of huge scientific life size Models in the Gaia-Park, Kerkrade Zoo, Netherlands
Reference Contact: Jaap Bakker, Technical Department, Gaia Park Kerkrade Zoo

·             - Reconstruction of the worldwide largest dinosaur (Seismosaurus) in corporation with the finder Dr. David D. Gilette, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, USA

·             - Dinosaur Museum Lourinha, Portugal, Delivery of Models und Skeletons
Reference Contact: Dr. Octavio Mateus       

·             - County Garden Show Heidenheim, Exhibition „Erben der Dinosaurier“ with appr. 30 Models, 6 weeks in summer 2006
Reference Contact: Mr Gruenenwald, head of County Garden Show Heidenheim

·             - County Garden Show Nordhausen, Exhibition „Eiszeit“ with appr. 20 Models, main season 2004 

·             - County Garden Show Villingen-Schwenningen, Dinosaur-Exhibition with 17 huge Models, 6 weeks in summer 2010
Reference Contact: Mr Gruenenwald, head of Garden Show Villingen-Schwenningen

·             - Natural Science Exhibition in front of German Railway stations, e.g. Berlin East-Station
Reference Contact: Mr Handau; Erfurt, Reference Contact Mr Teichert; Hanover, Reference Contact Mr Bekiroglu; Mainz etc.      

·             - Dinosaur-Exhibition to significantly increase the amount of visitor in a lot of German City Centers, with up to 60 Models, and 2-3 month duration of Exhibitions, e.g. in: Bocholt, Giessen (Reference Contact: Mr Markus Pfeffer, GF BID Seltersweg e.V.), Hanover, Reutlingen (Reference Contact: Mr Otto, sales promotion manager assoc. Reutlingen), Ludwigshafen (Reference Contact: Mr Fuerst, LuKom Ludwigshafen)     

·             - Appr. 25 worldwide Exhibitions per year in several shopping malls for significantly increase the amount of visitor and their frequency,
with References        

·             - Exhibition on fairs, e.g. with appr. 30 Models on the fair „Exhibition mit Pflanzen und Dinosaurier“, with 38.000 Besucher in 5 days, skeletons, original bones and life size models on the mineral fair in Munich, October 2011   

·             - The Dinosaurier-Park Muenchehagen became a „national Geopark“ on the 12th of May 2006 and is member of the National Geographic Society     

- The Dinosaurier-Park Muenchehagen has its own preparation lab, which is preparing one of the most important Dinosaur findings in Europe (Europasaurus holgeri). Reference: Federal President of Germany, Mr Christian Wulff is godfather of that dwarf Dinosaur called “Hanna”, Nature publication by Prof. Dr. Martin Sander (university Bonn) and Dr. Octavio Mateus, University Lisboa, Portugal