Dinosaurier-Park International - Synopsis


Dinosaurier-Park International (GmbH & Co. KG) is the result of 40 years experience of theme-park building and a over 20 years long successful operation of  Dinosaurier-Park Münchehagen (GmbH & Co. KG) (www.dinopark.de) and Bernd Wolter Design GmbH (www.wolterdesign.de). The Dinosaur Open Air Museum, situated in Münchehagen, is the largest of its kind in Europe. It was founded in North Germany 20 years ago. This charming tourist attraction and educational institution attracts lots of visitors of all target groups annually, from a largely rural demographic area. It was recently named a “National Geotop” (National Landmark) in recognition of its educational and scientific contributions and is also member of the national geographic society since 2006. This facility is the model for most Prehistoric Open Air Museum Projects where our goal is to develop attractive recreational parks for all ages, with scientific integrity and educational benefit to local schools.

Company Profile Dinosaurier-Park International:
Key Personnel:

• Ferdinand Wesling jun., Germany CEO
• Franz-Josef Dickmann, Germany CEO

• Sven Neumüller CEO

The Wolter family has been active in these industries for over 40 years and has built, owned, and operated a number of successful parks. The Wesling Group recognised the potential of this concept and brought in their Know How more than 20 years ago.
So Dinosaur Park Münchagen was build.
The company Bernd Wolter Design that produces the reconstructions today has the world’s largest selection of scientifically accurate reconstructions of prehistoric animals. Bernd Wolter Design delivers its product range to museums and parks worldwide and has about 25 big travelling exhibitions annually.

Mr. Dickmann has 20 years’ experience in the tourist and travel industry and was responsible for development and marketing strategies of new companies in the Otto Group and is for more than 4 years now the Managing Director for the companies Dinosaurier-Park Münchehagen and Bernd Wolter Design.
With this expertise and experience in the field, Dinosaurier-Park International was founded, which will own and operate, consult and develop Museums, edutainment parks, exhibitions, and science centers worldwide delivering everything from single reconstructions to turn key Museums and Parks specialised in displaying the fascinating story of the history of the earth and the evolution of vertebrate animals. The company is currently working on several projects in Europe with various business models together with state-, city-, and county governments. The Dinopark-Group has a long history of successful cooperation and also work hand-in-hand with museums and scientists from all over the world in research, excavations, and preparation of skeletons for scientific research (See references).

For all projects, contact Franz-Josef Dickmann.